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The Center takes part in organizing conferences in international context. These are:

  1. “Improving financial institutions: the proper balance between regulation and governance” Helsinki, Hanken School of Economics, 19 April 2012
  2. “Corporate Governance and Regulation: Outlining New Horizons for Theory and Practice” Pisa, University of Pisa, 19 September 2012
  3. "Governance & Control in Finance & Banking: A New Paradigm for Risk & Performance" Paris, ISTEC, April 18 2013
  4. "International competition in banking: theory and practice" Sumy, Ukrainian Academy of Banking, May 24-25, 2012
  5. 8th International conference "International Competition in Banking: Theory and Practice", Sumy, Ukraine, May 23-24, 2013
  6. International Conference "Financial Distress: Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting Issues ", Rome (Italy) October 17-18, 2013
  7. International conference: "Corporate Governance: a Search for Advanced Standards in the Wake of Crisis", May 8, 2014
  8. International conference “Global Financial Market and Corporate Governance: Issues of Efficiency and Performance”, Nuremberg (Germany), September 25, 2014
  9. International conference “Corporate and Institutional Innovations in Finance and Governance”, Paris, May 21, 2015
  10. International Conference “Corporate Governance, Accounting and Audit: Crisis Challenges” Lüneburg (Germany), November 26, 2015
  11. International Conference “Past and Future of Corporate Governance: Practices, Reforms and Regulations” Rome (Italy), May 26, 2016
  12. International conference “Reporting, Investor Relations, Capital Markets – Challenges and Opportunities in Financial Communication”, Leipzig (Germany) November 10, 2016
  13. International workshop “Corporate Accountability: Major Actors, Innovative Instruments and Performance”, Paris, November 24, 2016
  14. International conference “Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development – Industries, Higher Education, NGO’s”, Hong Kong, China, May 4, 2017.