Conference paper awards

International Conference “NEW CHALLENGES IN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: THEORY AND PRACTICE” will take place in Naples, Italy (October 3-4, 2019). By the end of August, we have already received more than 60 submissions.

As we announced previously, the conference sponsors, in particular, Morrow Sodali, has prepared an award for young researchers (under 35). In order to be considered for this award, please contact Polina Bahmetenko at and send the full paper, along with your CV, by September, 5th. All the papers send after September, 5th will not be considered for the award. If you have already submitted the full paper for the conference, simply confirm you wish to participate with this version of the research.

The conference committee will also distinguish 1 best conference paper (no age limit) and the presenter will be awarded the certificate. The decision will be made based on the full paper. Please contact Polina Bahmetenko at and send your full paper by September, 5th or confirm we could proceed with the evaluation of the previous version you have sent.